Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Knitter

The busloads of people from Crazy Town have been pulling into the shopping district every day since Thanksgiving and they haven't been taking their meds.

Since I need this job I can't tell you the best stories, but there was a customer in this week that can't wear turtlenecks because she's a Taurus.

True story.

Twelve. More. Days.

Today we had a return customer.  I helped her last month when she came in to buy some yarn for a scarf she is making for her mom.  She is all of about fourteen and came in her school uniform with a backpack bigger than she was.  She needed to look at some of the other colors.  When she's done with her Mom's gift she's making something for herself, but right now she is under pressure.

Her dad paid for the yarn.  If she doesn't finish this gift ("because I'm known not to finish things") she has to pay her dad back.  She taught herself how to knit by watching youtube videos.  She loves our yarn but she's getting a new bike for Christmas so there won't be much else under the tree.  Maybe, she said, her Grandma would come in and get her a couple of skeins. "Okay, thanks for letting me look.  I've got to go home and do my homework so I can knit tonight."

My trampled spirit was restored by my new little friend.  Pure of heart.  Pure gold.

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  1. Kath, you find out the information and send her whatever she needs + some goodies (be generous) and I personally will cover whatever costs are incurred! She's got to know some sort of Santa exists, especially in light of what happened yesterday.
    You Bro J