Thursday, January 10, 2013


There has been a lot of opinions voiced in the last month regarding our gun laws.  Or lack, thereof.  I paid attention until the NRA declared "a major announcement" was coming, and then in all seriousness said we need an armed guard in every school.   Good guy with gun kills bad guy with gun, snipers on the roof, tanks in the parking lot, tear gas in the nurse's office and really, people, what could possibly go wrong when everybody's armed and ready when the kids come in the door?
Here in Kansas we have recently had some cities adopt Conceal and Carry so I guess you never know who or where somebody is packing heat. 

Lenexa, that's where.

Husband takes wife out to dinner at steak place.  Husband reaches into front pants pocket which has his pistol.  Pistol goes off in restaurant.  Wife shot in the knee.

The good guy shot his own wife with the gun that was supposed to be used for shooting the bad guys.

Who is supposed to carry the gun to shoot idiots?


  1. As a person who has had a gun pointd at her head from 2 feet away - while I lay on the ground wondering what was going to happen next, I am not quite sure how to answer this. Tom also was held at bay by 2 guns after my ordeal within minutes and we have not been the same since. We do things differently now.I never carry my ID or money in my wallet or anything of value in my purse. Tom and I always walk together - quickly and assertively to get from point A to point B. It took " me " about 2 months before I was really okay to go back out in this wonderful world.To send our children to school with the knowledge that everyone is there with Guns to protect them is ridiculous !
    How can they possibly have a nice day at school and enjoy learning when they see the armed guard at their doorway or on their roof.Same for thier beloved teachers.That must be a great way to start your morning!I certainly would not go anywhere that was that visably guarded. Notice I said " VISABLY ".We had armed guards at the WYNN and Bomb Dogs swept the Theatre bfore and after each perfomance but it was never announced or even noticed by the public.But they were just being proactive for the guests safety.Even at Celines Shows you had to walk through a metal detector and they went through your purse. Supposedly for cameras.
    I agree that something proactive should be done. But surely there must be a better way to take precautions. That would be like getting on an airplane and the Flight Attendant pointing out that todays Armed Air Marshall will be seated in aisle J seat C !
    Wouldn't that be an enjoyable flight ! I guess what I am trying to say is that I do think we have to change a few things. Be more proactive about who gets in and out of buildings, etc.
    Have protection there but not so visable. That only challenges the idiots.

  2. Conceal and carry brings a whole new meaning to "hunting for a parking space" or "House Hunting"...

  3. Secrets keep us sick... and hidden guns keep us scared and wondering, which is also sick. Personally, it would not make me feel safe carrying a concealed weapon on my person. I would forever be wondering IF I would need to use it, IF I could get out fast enough, IF it would go off and shoot John in the knee... Now I have to wonder if every other person in a restaurant is packing? Sheesh.

  4. Please, honey, don't carry a gun. I wouldn't want you to shoot me in the knee (accidentally).

  5. A 16 yr. old in California went to his high school with a shot gun and shot a student( student survived). He was then talked into putting down his weapon by the UNARMED teacher and a few supervisors. So the good guys still don't need to be packing like Dirty Harry.
    Why is it ok for a teacher to have a 45 in her desk drawer, but she can't give a comforting hug to a child.