Sunday, January 13, 2013

Making An Entrance

The kids were all here for dinner and Maggie was telling us about her friend who has become a doula.  "Doula," Will said.  "What's a doula?"  Maggie and I filled him in on the deets, and then she told us that this long-time friend of hers is considering going back to school to become a midwife.  I cannot think of a better person to do that job.

From there we had a generic conversation about birthing babies and epidurals.  "Who the heck wouldn't want one of those things?"  Maggie said.  "I don't want to feel a thing."

Well, I had one of those and I really didn't like it.  When I couldn't feel my legs my anxiety level went into overdrive.

"No way,"  Mags said.  "Which one of us did you have it for?"

For you girls I had a painkiller.  For Will I had the epidural.

That got the boy's attention.  

"What???  Are you kidding me????  I'm the only kid of yours that you didn't feel coming out your vagina?"

More or less.  No wait, it was definitely more.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


  1. Hee... Thanks for the memory. I had an epidural for my second cesarean. It lasted through the extraction, but wore off before they finished "putting everything away neatly". I quite literally felt something tugging at my heartstrings and it wasn't my perfect little daughter.

  2. All 3 kids natural - no drugs ! No I am not bragging....just showing my age. In 1974 - Jenny
    1977 - Julie .....they had nothing to ease the pain,
    And Julie came out feet first ! Ouch. By the time I was ready to have Tommy in 1982 I did not even think to ask.
    But I did tell both girls - when its your turn - should they ask ........just say EPIDURAL ! ! !

  3. I had to be induced for all three (my womb is apparently quite warm and cozy--they never wanted to leave!). The thought of an epidural freaked me out, so I only had a shot of demerol each time. A nurse later told me demerol is about as effective to lessen pain during induction as it is to spit to put out a fire! "You'd have to be nuts or have no feeling to do that." That's me...times three!

  4. Sooo just reading Will's response made me spit take my 7up.
    Hilarious! My brothers would have thrown their shirts over their heads and gone screaming from the room.