Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Grandmas

This is a repeat from awhile back.  We went to Chicago for a few days and I saw my aunt and uncle - the brother and sister of my dad.  My aunt moved to Florida and so it is rare that her and I are in the same place at the same time.  She says she reads my blog and this one is her favorite, so this is for my Aunt Alice.  She took me and my sister to our very first movie.............Mary Poppins, and that's when I started believing in magic.

The first time my mom went to my dad's house she thought his family was rich because their house was so nice.  Not even close.  My grandpa was a mechanic for the city bus line.   My dad used to say that my mom's mom could make a ten course meal at the drop of her hat.  Not so, but she was able to pull things out of her fridge and put them in little serving dishes so that lunchtime looked like a tapas restaurant.

I have no idea how financially secure either one of them were but like most women of their generation, they had the ability to make something out of nothing.  A long time ago, that virtue was tossed aside so we could dive headfirst into consumption which doesn't seem to be giving anybody great results.

I keep pictures of both of my grandmas close by.  Like one, I love to decorate.  Like the other, I can make something little look like something big.  They left this earth many years ago but their spirits remain nearby, teaching me that making do has always been about making a life.

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  1. Lovely story . Great Memories too !
    I never met Grandma Werner but I can happily say that Grandma Dora and I became close.
    I used to take her for her hair appointments
    in South Holland when she needed the ride and then I'd bring her home to our house in S.H. and we'd talk and have lunch.
    I love the picture you posted of her. My Grandmother died when I was 19 and she was my heart. After she left this earth to be with God I had a hole in my heart that stayed forever. But when Grandma Dora came into my life she started to fill the hole a visit at a time.God bless them both and thank you for the lovely story.