Sunday, February 24, 2013


I'm not a fan of the whole month of February.  At least in January you get the Christmas stuff put away, organize the house, make a fresh start.  This is useful stuff.

Then comes February.  Gray and shorter than any other month, like even it doesn't see the point in hanging around longer than necessary.

A couple of weeks ago, I was supposed to go out to dinner with my fellow shopgirls to see a friend of all of ours who was in town.  I didn't go and I couldn't even make up a decent excuse.  Instead, Mark and I went to an evening church service which we never AND I MEAN NEVER have done before.  I thought that if I was going to bail on this planned dinner nobody could lay a guilt trip on me for going to church.

An hour of being still helped in matters of mental and spiritual health.

When I went back to work I offered my apologies.  I am off-kilter, I said.  I cannot explain it.  I cannot understand it.  I am just off-kilter.

My very wise friend and boss said, "Yes, it's like that these days.  First Fat Tuesday, then Ash Wednesday, then Valentine's Day.  It is as if the air is charged this week."

I love her.

The air in Kansas City has stay charged with a gas explosion, a 12" snowstorm on Thursday to be followed in the next 24 hours with another storm of up to 15".

It is more than time to start daydreaming about all things garden............the only remedy for a month that seems as if it will never end.


  1. Once again you made me smile. Oh I enjoyed the Blog and even share the feeling of Feb. Its a depressing month even if you have no snow. I am dreading yet another Easter with just me & Tom. The holidays are the worst. But when I saw that you ended your story with my Garden picture from Pinterest, I smiled. Some days I wonder why I even bother with it but it keeps my mind busy and helps the days pass.I may not have a yard for a garden but I create on my Boards what I wish I had. I told Tom once.....that if you did not know me at all, you would know what I was like if you read my Boards & Dedications.I don't have your writing talent but I do enjoy decorating etc, so I guess Pinning is the best way to spend my time.Just wanted you to know that as well as your stories being part of my morning routine,you unknowingly made me smile and feel better just by using my picture. : )

  2. Just getting caught up with your month now. Not sure where I've been. Mired in various child yuks and husband library abandonment. It's punishable by diamonds, in all states. You have had one bear of a winter but I must tell you how much I love the Mr. McGregor sign in your future garden. My son got scared witless by the garden hoe being used as bunny deterrent in that story and has never again let me read it, four years later! Off to read more of you... oxoxo