Sunday, February 17, 2013


A few years ago we turned this filing of our taxes hot mess over to an accountant.  We lacked the skill set and marriage counseling needed to do this and he charges us ridiculously little to make our life easier.

However, we still need to organize everything to give to him and this year that has become a raging cluster.

I knew I'd been kind of sloppy about things, but with one daughter getting married and another going to college I had bigger things on my mind.  Nice.............blame it on the kids.

Everything that could be essential to get big $$$ back from big government is thrown in a file and then sorted, organized, and put on an Excel spreadsheet for Mr. Tax Man.

There is no file this year.

Did I not even make a file?  Did I make one and lose it?  Oh dear God.

Think.  Think .  Think.

I do panic better than thinking. 

Plan B.  Go through bank account and find deductions.  Go through charge card and find deductions.

Currently, the bank's website is going through some remodel.  SORRY 'BOUT YA!!!

And the charge card statements online?

After a couple of tries at logging in I successfully got to the 2nd page and the security question.

Who is your favorite character in a novel?


First dog.  Street I grew up on.  Mother's maiden name.  Month I was born (spelled out please).  Check, check, check, check, but favorite character in a novel????

I have read thousands of books in my lifetime.  Did I go old school for this one?  Laura Ingalls.  Denied.  Nancy Drew?  Denied.  Madeline?  (That might have been desperate.)  Denied and kicked out.  Need to change your security question?  Ya think?  Sorry, customer service is closed today.

Answers to security questions isn't the only thing I'm going old school on.


  1. oops! Elizabeth Bennett? Owen Meany? This is a tough one!

  2. oh I am not looking forward to this weekend of doing our own taxes for the first time!!