Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Blizzard of Oz

Last week's snowfall of 12" just wasn't enough and so round two came through overnight.  Work was cancelled for both of us, schools were closed and everybody stayed home which would have been all cozy and lovely had the power not gone out at four a.m.  By nightfall, KCPL (those beautiful lineman literally trudging in snow up to their butts) brought the lights and heat back.

It was a winter wonderland right outside the door.................

And The Big Daddy working the shovel with our neighbor like he was Michael Bloomberg..

And my snow garden............

We warmed up for a few hours at Maggie and Nate's and when we came home I finished reading this book by way of a battery-operated tea light. 

Snow days..........I'd love one more but all good things must end. 

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