Thursday, March 28, 2013


Mallie Bee is home for spring break and there has been a lot of car trips back and forth to dance.  The other day the subject of the Duggar family came up.

Sheesh, hear we go again.  Must be a new season starting. 

The Beester said that they are thinking about adopting.  I guess if Jim Bob can't get Michelle preggers with #20 right quick their show might be in danger of getting cancelled.  Well, shoot, if that happens we'll never find out if Mom's uterus ends up in her underpants every time she has a coughing fit.

I told her about a family in our school that had 13 kids.  The mom at one point lost her vision and then died a couple of years later.  This rocked The Queen Mum's world and I remember her telling me, "You can't have that many kids and not have all kinds of things start going wrong."

I didn't know nothin' about birthin' no babies and Mom wasn't one to talk much about that, but I took note of her warning that if you didn't stop while the stopping was good you'd end up making an early departure.

I was friends with Rita and went to the wake with my parents.  There was an agreement amongst the family that there would be no crying because their mom wouldn't want that, so there in the funeral parlor they were eagle eying each other and if somebody started to break down the siblings would swoop in like the Secret Service and put an end to that business.

I felt like crying and she wasn't even my mom so I pitied the kids in this family that were sad and motherless and needed to cry and cry but weren't allowed to.

Can you believe that, Mal?  That they couldn't cry?

Mal let that story percolate a few minutes but she had other things on her mind.  She waved her hand below her waist and said, "It seems to me that if you have that many kids that this area here would get cavernous."

And then there's that.

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  1. When I was a young girl ( many years ago ) a family of 5 or 6 was the norm. I always felt strange that I only had one sister. Thank God I have at least one. I can't imagine being an only child. I think all those sibling experiences help us later in life. Besides that someone always has your back if your parents raised you right . But in todays world with the economy and the cost of education being so expensive, not to mention food - clothes - and just keeping your sanity, 2 or 3 kids is not that unusual any more.Our own daughter Jenny has 5 and she has managed to do quite well with
    that number. But most of her generation usually stick to 2 or 3 when given the choice.I guess its all in God's plan. We do our best given what we are blessed with and try not to judge others for their choices. But for myself - 3 worked for us and that is that. But 12 or 13 children and I really don't think I'd have time to get around to reading my daily dose of A Speckled Trout and somehow I can't imagine that ......nope I can't imagine that at all !