Wednesday, March 6, 2013

House of Prayer

When I was little and my mom would come and check on my sister and I before she'd go off to bed herself, I would often poke my little, curly head up and say, "I can't sleep, Mom."

Say your prayers, Kath, she'd say.

It was my mom's answer to E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

At dinner we'd say regular grace and then another prayer which was my dad's favorite.  Sheesh, people, can we just eat already?

My whole life it was the standard answer to everything that was wrong.

Say your prayers.

My mom has been sick lately.  No appetite, lethargic, coughing a lot.  After two rounds of antibiotics she wasn't any better and so the doctor ordered an abdominal and lung scan because she believed it was cancer.

Her six kids and their spouses were knocked to their knees.  Yes, my mom is older but she doesn't act old.  She walks twice a day.  She's funny.  She's energetic.  She needs to stay with us.

That was on a Friday and yesterday we found out she is okay.............maybe a nasty virus that needs to run its course, but no cancer and no pneumonia.

Today is my birthday.

Mom isn't going anywhere for the time being.

Hail Mary full of grace.


  1. I am so glad you got what you most wanted for your birthday. I'll join you in a prayer of thanks as well. Happy Day!

  2. Praise God and Happy Birthday!

  3. I am much too emotionally vested in your family. Literally could not breathe by paragraph 7. Celebrating with you that your mom is well and getting "well-er" w antibiotics. I will send her the wine, what color?

    Best birthday present ever.

  4. Happiest of belated and balmy birthdays to you my friend! I admit to skimming hurriedly to the end to make sure your mom was fine, but I went back and read through properly after I stopped holding my breath. Carry on.