Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The store is closing in less than three weeks and I have been cruising the job market.

I went on a very promising interview last week, but no call back as of yet even though I totally rocked it.

It's a real job and I was really nervous as the interview was cancelled twice.  This gave me time to think freak out.   The Big Daddy said, "Just be yourself.  They'll love you."  That's not really true.  I can think of a few people who don't even like me.  Because it's mutual.  Besides...............when I'm myself I talk WAY too much which isn't exactly a good thing to have going on in an interview.  I thought about faking going to the interview (who would know?), but instead hiked up my Mom Pants and crossed being scared shitless off my bucket list.  Again.

So now I wait.

Since the store is closing there is a big sale going on.  As employees we get a generous discount and now even more so with this clearing out of goods.  The tired winter merchandise that we couldn't stand two weeks ago is looking much more inviting and there is continuous trolling through the racks.  My fellow shopgirls never stop selling.  They're good.  Scary good.

That looks so good on you.  You should totally get that.  Did you see the price????   It's crazy how much it's marked down.  You. Need. That. 

It explains the poncho I dated on my shift today and am considering even though I've never been a poncho girl in my entire life. 

It could be quite the fashion statement when I'm sitting in a coffee shop dodging interviews.


  1. Kathy - Feeling your Pain. In the 12 years we have been in " Sin City " I have had 4 Jobs.
    Airline Ramper - Boutique Sales - Usher for Celine , Elton and a few others I really liked working for and then....THE WYNN. 6 Years there before I got the courage to face my fears and retire before the Job killed me. But I have learned much from all the experiences and I have every confidence that in a few weeks you will be writing all about your new found place of employment that will suit you to a tee or inspire some Great Writing ! Either way you will succeed in your endeavors because God gave you special gifts to share and you are capable of doing whatever it is you choose.

  2. As a fellow height-challenged friend, may I suggest you sidestep the poncho? I fell for one of those once, and was mistaken for a nicely-draped fire hydrant, waiting for the bus. If it helps: just one more Temptation you can sing along with and don't have to date anymore.