Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Unfinished Business

When I started this blog, I thought I might make it a decorating thing.  Paint choices, pillows that I've sewn, crafts for every holiday.

My neighbor is always telling me I could hit the jackpot if I pursued that, and I've kicked the idea around over and over, but......................

I'm not that good at those sorts of things lately.

I have gotten busy and the things that are undone around here keep growing and growing.

I've got ten feet of quarter-round that's been missing for at least twenty years.  The railing upstairs was done ten years ago and I still can't decide if I should paint it or stain it.  There is not one single drawer in the kitchen that closes right.  The slipcovers have been washed so many times that I wore a hole in them so I bought a blanket to throw over the arm of the sofa.

And the basement?  Oh geez, the basement.

These are The Turd Brothers looking through the blinds at the birds..............

They want them some birdies real bad.  So bad that they attack the blinds..............

Oh dear, look, they've broken the blinds, but they are tired and need to nap............

...................and so they slumber knowing that the view they expanded for bird-watching will be around for a very long time.


  1. Bravo - As usual we are laughing ! Really laughing ! If you don't write a book of short stories soon I shall have to start a Petition of your faithful readers. Your Brother is sitting next to me and we LOVE your stories. Tom says the " Turd Brothers "are merely there for the amusement of the Birds ! Everyone has a part to play and so far the Turd Bro's have not disappointed !

  2. So funny! Things are really falling apart around here in the house department, so I can relate.