Thursday, May 30, 2013

Be Careful Where You Bike

Sometimes when The Big Daddy goes biking with The Gravy Train, they will go to Lawrence.  That is where the campus of Kansas University is, and a destination for hard-core bikers.  From here it is about 45 miles, so a round-trip with a couple of rest stops could take a few hours.

It is a big deal when a Lawrence ride is planned.

In the middle of a conversation with the neighbors, let's say about the progress of the tomato plants, The Big Daddy will randomly say, "Yeah, biking to Lawrence this weekend."  Then the guy neighbor will say, "Lawrence?  Geez, on a bike?  Hell, that's a haul."

"Awwww, it's not so bad,"  The Big Daddy will say, and then the men will talk about more fascinating macho stuff while me and the other Mrs. slip into a Boredom Coma. 

When the ride is over and The Big Daddy is showered and changed, he pretends to feel great, but his ass is whupped and dragging and we will end up watching a movie on pay-per-view for an exciting Saturday night in Marriageville.

But this biking to Lawrence thing got a lot more interesting when I heard this...............

I ran into an acquaintance who was having work done in her house by someone I was familiar with.  I knew that this guy had taken up biking a few years ago and that his wife was irritated that he was gone so much and leaving her home with the kids.    

One day he took the infamous ride to Lawrence with some of his biking buddies.  That's when his wife sent him a text that she was leaving him.  In fact, she had already bought a house and her and the kids would be moved in by the time he got back.

She left him by text when he was on his bike?  All the way in Lawrence?

True story Gravy Trainers.  Don't shoot the messenger.



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