Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Civic

After many, many weeks we finally found Mallie Bee a car.  Due to our measly budget the competition was fierce and three times we lost out on three different cars by a matter of minutes.

I became me on overdrive which makes even me crazy.

One day I left for work with instructions for Mallory to call on the Honda Civic I found on Craigslist.  ASAP!!!  DON'T DELAY!  TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!

That night we found her new/old dream car within our same/old budget.

Because the car was purchased in Missouri it had to be inspected in Kansas by the Highway Patrol which we were told was a formality.  A piece of cake.

They checked some things out and called the numbers in and for a wee few seconds there was some discussion of the engine perhaps being a stolen part.  Mark had a sick smile on his face trying to pretend all was cool and I felt the need to breathe into a brown paper bag.  This was after I had been up all night earlier in the week because I'd convinced myself that the miniscule dent in the hood was because the car had been involved in a hit and run.  But the windshield isn't smashed.  Hmmmm......  Maybe they replaced the windshield.   Maybe they took it in and got that fixed but forgot to get the body part that's stuck underneath.  Note to self in the a.m:  Look under car for a leg.

Alas, it was legit. 

I was driving Mal somewhere and told her the story of how the car we had for a few days could have been impounded.  I was so scared, Mal, I thought I was going to get sick.

"Actually, Mom, I'm pretty sure you've been scared through this entire process."

Well, that's kind of a snarky thing to say.

"No, it's sassy which is different than snarky.  Sassy's endearing."

Yes, Beester, you always have been and me and my blog will miss our little car chats.  Now fingers crossed all goes well at the DMV on Friday so you can drive this cutie and get some freedom from your very neurotic mother.

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