Friday, June 14, 2013

The Trouble With Facebook

There are things I love about Facebook.  I like to see what my very cute nieces and nephews are up to.  I like being able to stay in touch with old friends and classmates.  I appreciate it when somebody posts a link to an interesting article or funny video.  An engagement, new baby, new house, great trip, funny dog, graduation?  Yes!  Yes!  Please post pictures.  A significant loss or disappointment?  Sorrow should be shared to lessen your burden.

The other stuff - the running updates on every moment of wearing me out.  Does anybody go out and put the phone down and enjoy the experience?


*Guess where I am?  No, don't guess.  I'll tell you.  Every single time I walk out the door.

*Were you wondering what I had to eat and drink for dinner tonight?  Not really?  I'll tell you anyway.  Wait, I know what's even better.  I'll post a picture of it.

*Let's document us getting plastered.  This won't be used against me in a court of law, will it?


I was talking to a former student of Mark's - now a professor of biology and in the Army reserves.  Nearly two decades past the age of consent, he got shipped to Afghanistan for a year and the emails he sent during that time are more than worthy of a book deal.  His goal as captain was to make sure everybody came home, and one of his emails talked about the unrelenting pressure of that commitment for 365 days and nights.  The making sure as a leader that everybody lives to see their family again. 

His take on our society?  We have become a nation of narcissists who think sacrifice is a long line at Starbucks and being without cable for half a day.  

One click and you'll find plenty of evidence to confirm that.

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  1. I will always be your friend Mrs. Fisher.
    You are the best.