Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Bee's Bday

When Mallie Bee was a toddler and would get upset, I'd pick her up and tell her to lay her head on my shoulder.  Every single time she'd do just that while she stuck her thumb in her mouth.

I had no idea it was that easy.

As she grew up she wasn't prone to tantrums, meltdowns or fits.  She has always been an observer of life and as my friend Carla recently said, "She is like a little sponge.  She notices everything and then soaks it all in."

Yes she does.

Besides being the loveliest dancer, she is a great writer.  I keep nudging her in that direction but she does things her way on her time.  She has never been one to succumb to peer pressure or mom and dad pressure.

She was recently telling me that she realizes that she is an introvert which in this very loud world isn't always so easy.  An introvert when you're in your teens must be especially hard, but she was swaddled in grace from the day she was born.


  1. A lovely Birthday Tribute to a Lovely Lady !
    You & Mark must be so proud !

  2. Beautiful child in wonderful photo!