Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Around The House

Despite my mishaps in decorating our bedroom, I really do love to fluff the nest.  I have entertained the idea of home decor employment forever, but I figured I'd end up being the lame front door person that said "Welcome to Pottery Barn," 10,000 times to people who ignored me.

I see myself as more the photo stylist for the catalog shoots.

Doesn't everybody?

A couple of times a year a friend pays me to come over and give her a decorating consult.  We have identical houses and she tells me the results she wants and then we brainstorm about paint, furniture placement, art, accessories.......  I love it and the reason I can tell is because I talk really fast and get louder as I get more excited.  She likes it because, like her, I can't drop a ton of money to get the look I want and therefore think way outside of the box stores.

Several people I know have downsized in the last few months.  Significantly, and I have been mulling that idea around.  Our house is already small so going smaller isn't exactly what I was thinking, but perhaps living with less stuff.  I have floated this idea to Mark but he has found it impossible to part with anything except his fat clothes after he lost a bunch of weight.

I told my friend about this and she said, "Well, I see your house very differently than you do.  When I look at your house I see a surprise wherever I look."

I came home with a different attitude and I haven't given up on living with less but I am rather attached to my surprises......especially in October.

Happy fall.  Happy cold mornings.  Happy leaves.  Happy sweaters.


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  1. All I can say is that you do not live in a house. Yours is a HOME that gives a Hug the moment you enter. I wouldn't change a thing !