Sunday, October 20, 2013

Row H

Last week Will, Mallory and I went to see Sara Bareilles.  Will and I saw her six years ago which you can read about here.

She is beautiful, funny, talented, adorable, worth every cent.

Will got the tickets from a free app called Seat Geek.  He and Mallory went into a lengthy explanation of this app and how I can download it on my if I was their age and knew what they were talking about. 

I did not.

Because of this app Will was able to get us seats on the floor for only $23.00 each.  That's my boy.  When we got there the rows were marked but not the seats so we were a bit confused.  We thought we were supposed to sit on the end but there was a nerdy, young kid with a fro bigger than mine sitting there by himself and he wasn't moving.  Or talking.  Or making eye contact.  Turns out we were on the opposite end which was likely a relief to this kid who looked like he wanted no company.  Especially chatty company like the three of us.

Just before the concert started I was scrolling Facebook on my phone and found out my neighbor was there.  I left a comment "hey, me too" with our location.  A few minutes later she showed up.  The seats in front of us were empty so she texted her sister and they watched the concert right in front of us.

Yeah!!!  Neighbors at the concert!

Finally Sara Bee came out and did her thing and she was so freaking amazing.  She told the story behind many of the songs she wrote and I loved her even more.  She played the piano, the guitar, she sang with a voice from God and danced across the stage.

As the pace of the music picked up during the concert, everybody got up to sing and dance along and that's when things went downhill for me.  I didn't know how to dance.  I thought doing the whoop, whoop dancey thing over my head would obstruct the view of the people behind me and so I had no idea what to do with my arms.

They were like brand new appendages that had been stapled on for the night.  Creaky, stiff and never been used.

I watched Mal the dancer but that wasn't much help as she's a little advanced.  Will was having a blast but I couldn't see his moves well enough to replicate them so I settled for my neighbor's sister who I don't even know.

Yes, yes, that's what I'll do.  I will dance like her tonight.......which I did in an uptight hey-don't-move-so-fast-I'm-copying-you kind of way.  During my fake dancing, I wondered if the guy with the fro and shorts (even though it was freezing that night) sitting at the other end of the row was having as much trouble as me moving his arms to the music.  Or maybe he knew that was beyond his skill set and wasn't even trying.   

Note to self.

The review of the concert in the paper was gushing and said of Sara, "Her enthusiastic dancing during the electronica of Eden was endearingly awkward."

Good thing the reviewer never let his eyes wander from the stage and the star of the show because the two fans flanking Row H were grooving to all kinds of major awkward.


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  1. Great story .
    Glad you had fun and even happier that you shared it !