Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Major Award

 It seems I have won one of these.............


And I was like WHAT????  I don't even win in bunco let alone a blog prize, but I got friends in the right places and my OSMA nominated me.  She is a blog/cyber friend.  Sometimes when something funny happens at work I think to myself, "Wait until OSMA hears about this!"  Then I remember that I don't know her in real life and me thinking about her like that would sound kind of weird to other people.  And by other people I mean the police.

Anyhow, it's a baton that's handed off from blogger to blogger to promote the little engines that could and not the big ones everybody knows about.  You must nominate eleven other bloggers.  My OSMA cheated so I will, too.  A combo of little and big blogs that are my go-tos on a regular basis.........

An Inch Of Gray
I found Anna after her son died in a tragic accident during a seemingly harmless storm.  When you are a blog reader and someone is going through a tragedy it makes its way around pretty fast.  That was the case with me and Anna's blog, but I am in for the long haul with her and her family.  She raises the bar on writing and her Jack............oh her Jack was something to behold.

The Simple Wife
I came across this blog in the same manner.  A fit, 40-something mom, wife, and author has a massive stroke and during that time it felt like you were right in the middle of it.  Her husband posted updates on her condition and though she made it through, everything about their life has changed.  They post rather sporadically now (for obvious reasons) and after a long spell of no updates she recently wrote something that breaks my heart.  There's problems, people, and then there are problems.

Anecdotally Yours
This darling couple are friends of Maggie and Nate's and were the photographer and videographer of their wedding.  They are an incredibly talented powerhouse of talent.  I look at their postings of photos and videos and cry...........and I don't even know anybody they're featuring.  Stop by and see them and their new son, Ben, the cutest baby to ever rock a winter hat.

The Gardener's Cottage
A friend sent me this link and I've been hooked.  This woman is all about simplifying her life and tells you how to do the same.  Closet full of STUFF?  She shows you how to pair it down, edit your furnishings, trim your roses and make a vegan Thanksgiving.  This blog is the calm in the storm.

A Beloved Life
This is my friend, Amy's blog.  Amy was the HR manager where I work and left to pursue other interests as they say.  She has become dear to me and was my saving grace in the choppy waters of a new job.  She practices yoga and meditation daily and is so in tune with herself that I am in awe.  She does the work of being her and shows you how to do the same.

A Work In Progress
This is my friend, Mary's blog.  I met Mary at a mutual friend's Christmas party about five years ago.  Once a year I would see her and we would chat.  From someone else I found out she was a writer and I screeched at Panera's,"I NEVER KNEW THAT!!!"  Then Mary moved to California thus preventing the long friendship I had planned for her and me.  We are mutual admirers from a distance and supporters of this hard work called writing.  Her husband has a blog, too,  I love to read both of them.

Now the big ones which you probably already know of and don't need any explanation from me.

Miss Mustard Seed

The Lettered Cottage


Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

Does Huffington Post count?  No.

People I Want To Punch In The Throat

Next post..............the Q & A


  1. The end of the year always makes me reflect on things
    that made a difference in my days,
    Your Blog is one of them .
    Merry Christmas !

  2. Thank you for the nod!!! Love to you!