Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I painted all day Friday and Saturday.  I was going to finish Sunday but I crawled out of bed and everything ached.  Every. Single. Thing.  Since the only thing left to finish is the hallway with its five doorways I decided to take the day off.

Five doorways?  That is radonculous.

So is painting.

I thought that during my painting marathon I would come up with a couple of great writing ideas for the week, but instead I mainly thought about what it must be like to hire a professional painter.   Who even does that?

The random thoughts and observations that kept me from getting bored while I rolled.....

*Why do stores lock the dressing rooms so you have to track somebody down to try on clothes?  It drives me batty and if I hadn't already determined that said frock was ABOUT TO CHANGE MY LIFE, I'd leave in a huff.

*I think Jennifer Lawrence is peaking too early which is never a good thing.  Look at Justin Bieber of late for proof on that one, although she seems infinitely smarter than him.

*Since Friday I have heard "Say Something" by Christina Aguillera multiple times on the radio.  New favorite song.

*I usually don't watch the Grammys but Sara Bareilles is up for album of the year.  The Blessed Unrest.  I have worn it out.

*I never miss an episode of "The Good Wife."

*Except for Will, we all had MLK day off.  Maggie, Nate and I met at Savers for some thrift store shopping @ 50% off.  I found an Ann Taylor jacket for $6.50.  It is going TO CHANGE MY LIFE and the dressing room wasn't locked.

*I have friends who wouldn't set foot in a thrift store.   They so don't get it.

*I get up early in the morning so I can read the paper.  No matter how bad I've slept I still would rather get up early enough to read the paper than sleep in.

*My hairdresser got me to stop using shampoo.  I've washed my hair with conditioner only for nearly three years.

*I've never had a facial, pedicure or manicure but I have had an upper GI, CAT scan and three surgeries.

*Did you know that "How I Met Your Mother" is on 24/7?  Me either and then Mal had a long winter break.

*If I could rent a monkey to sit and pick the paint out of my hair I would.  Time for shampoo?

And lastly.......

I need a good book to get me through this cold, gloomy month.  Any suggestions?


  1. Only conditioner sounds fascinating! Any particular brand???

    1. I use almost all Redken products from their curvaceous line. Great stuff!

  2. Kathy - Kudos on the painting. Your brother and I have always painted everything ourselves.
    Never a thought to hire someone else to do it. Must be in the Werner DNA .
    Can totally relate to the thrift store adventures. I love that.
    Even when I don't find anything its the joy of the hunt that makes it fun.
    Or getting that 60 % off of something that you would never have bought otherwise.
    Book suggestions are impossible since you are the person that I go to for that.
    Some Assembly Required - by Anne Lamott was my last good book and that one came from you.
    Hope you find just the right book to get you through the end of January.
    The one book hat I keep nearby is called The Book Of Courage. You probably have that one.
    I use the quotes on a daily basis and try to make my day a little better with each one.
    Todays Mantra is .......... Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
    Theodore Roosevelt.
    So I begin my day with these words and your Blog. Once again thanks for the good read.

    1. Thanks for the thoughts. Struggling of late w/writing. Too many irons in the fire :/