Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vintage Vic

Mark is taking back-to-back business trips and so while he is gone I've decided to paint the living room and dining room.

This is a ridiculous idea, but since I cannot bear to turn this job over to a professional because they don't love this house like I do (and since I am capable of painting) is mine to execute.

So far my execution would make a professional cringe and I am having my usual freakout about color.

White.  It is going to be white because all the rooms I love in magazines and Pinterest are white, but it is making me jittery.  Who freaks out over white walls?  Unless there's so much in-your-face-whiteness at the moment that it looks like the psych unit of the county hospital.

I needed a dose of Vic so I headed to my favorite paint guy at Ace Hardware.

My first trip was for supplies but I had an ulterior motive.  When I was home my mom showed me a tool chest that recently was given to her by my uncle.  Inside were carpenter tools that belonged to my grandfather and great-grandfather.

It was a collection of the working life of two men, and since there was precious little to hand down from one generation to another it holds special meaning.

Inside was this........

.....and I told Mom that I had to show it to Vic because he would appreciate it more than anyone I know.

He did, too.  Loved it.  Called over the other helpful, hardware men to show them this little piece of paint history.

I put it back in my purse and Vic said, "That's a nice Coach purse you've got there."

"Thank you.  This was an inheritance, too, from my cousin's wife.  I love it.  But, jeez, Vic, you're a guy.  How did you know this was a Coach purse?"

"Because I know a lot about a lot and that purse needs a good cleaning.  Saddle soap.  Aisle two."

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