Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Punxsutawny State Of Mind

One of Mark's favorite movies is Groundhog Day. 

Ned?  Ned Ryerson?

I'm not a fan but Mark says it's because I don't get it.  I did, in fact, get it but my failure to love it as much as he did was due to the fact that I got bored watching the same scenes over and over.  It is too much like my real life every February.

Get up, go to work, come home, drag myself into the kitchen to make dinner and then park myself on the couch.  I try to will myself to do something besides nothing, but though the mind is willing (sort of) the body is not.

All month long.

I wonder if this is how it went in pioneer days.  Working feverishly until the cold swept across the prairie and then Ma and Pa would settle in the cabin until the March winds blew the first hint of spring.

I wonder if Ma lounged on the sofa with her ipad scrolling Facebook and Pinterest while watching The Biggest Loser.  Did she become more alert when her phone dinged of a new email?  Groupon?  Thai food?  Goose Creek sale?

What is Goose Creek and why do I get emails from them all the time?  

Even Valentine's Day does little to perk me up as I have always been disappointed by the expectations of that day.  While flowers are being delivered at a record pace I insist that it isn't necessary to buy something for me on that day.  Do I really mean that?  I don't even know the answer to that so how is my husband supposed to figure it out.

To add misery to a miserable month, I had to get a crown replaced.  I made dozens of excuses to put this off until it got to the point where the dentist's office was no longer going to let me off the hook.  There I found myself on a dismal Friday morning with my shaky, anxiety-riddled self sitting in the dentist's chair for a two-and-a-half hour appointment.

The old crown was not giving up the fight very easily and if my darling dentist drilled any longer I think she would have hit my spleen.  At one point, she gave me a break and her assistant (who happens to be gay and can talk hair products like a pro) asked us if we'd watched the Superbowl.  "I only watched if for the commercials," the dentist said.

Looking at me, he then asked what my favorite commercial was.  "I loved the Coke one," I told him and then the dentist piped in that Coke was always about being inclusive so what in the world was all the fuss about.

We all agreed, and then Cutey Patootie Assistant asked, "Do you guys want to know what my favorite commercial was?"


"David Beckham."

"Oh yeah.  I forgot about that one.  He is pretty hot," I said.

"How could you forget about that one??!!!  Girrrrrrrrrrrrl......when I saw David Beckham running around in his underwear I was like I'll take a pair of those whitey tighties and you can include him."

That conversation has made me giggle all weekend, and though Cutey Patootie Assistant isn't named Phil he sure felt like a welcome blast of fresh air.

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  1. A perfect read for a February day ! Especially liked the ending.
    A lot !