Sunday, June 8, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow

Mark and I have become crack addicts at the garden center(s).  If he should say aloud, "I think I'm going to pick up a couple more tomato plants," I jump in the car before he even asks if I'd like to tag along.  Once there we make a pact to keep it reasonable and not get carried away.

Carried away is a relative term.

He fills the counter with vegetables.  I fill it with flowers.  We both mutter "holy crap" when the total is announced.  Really?  That much?  We drive back home, often deep in our own thoughts about this spending on our gardens.  A few days later an opening in the dirt appears here or there and one of us announces that a quick trip to the garden center is needed for "one or two things" and then we're back staring at a counter full of plants muttering again.

This weekend we went on a garden tour where it became clear that our little foray into garden spending was but an amateur's folly compared to the real players.  At a conversation I had at the last garden with someone working the event, we talked about this spending of money we all tend to get carried away with to achieve a great garden.  "Yeah, my partner and I say every year that we're not going to go over $5000 but we always do."

I got the vapors.

Five thousand? 

There were enough flowers throughout the day to make me swoon, enough vegetables to make Mark sigh.  So much creative juju all around to fill us up and make us all dreamy-eyed.

Behold the work of the pros and the ideas that have the brains of Farmer McGregor and I reeling with possibilities for next year.......after we pick clean the money tree in the backyard we planted.

The paint studio

Boxwoods done in a Scottish plaid


  1. Kathy - Awesome pictures !
    Oh how I miss the plantings and flowers that became part of Mothers Day when we lived in Dyer.
    I always requested a Trip to the Garden Center as my Mothers Day present. It was a win - win for everyone. Nothing as elaborate as the pictures you just posted, but it was always a delight for me .
    Hopefully we will get the chance once again to live in our " Forever Home." It may be small and humble , but it will definitely have a glorious Garden ! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You replied to my comment on momastery... I needed to say thank you. And to ask again if you really think I am loved despite....

    1. Oh my Bee, I do think that you are loved. Have you read the post about my son (go to my popular posts and it's the first one). I think you would like it and I wrote it for him and for somebody just like YOU. xoxo

    2. I'm scared I'm not lovable.

    3. I think that when you're finding out who you are that is a scary thing. Believe me, you will be scared over and over in your life. So scared over so many things that you will shake. Do you know what's even scarier? Living a life that isn't true to who you are. To be afraid not to love. To not put yourself out into the world so everyone can see how lovely you are and how much you make the sun shine brighter.

      It is okay to be scared. Everybody is. You know what else is okay? To be brave, wonderful you.

    4. Is that your little acre in the pictures? Your garden grows well. I'm sure you are enjoying this deluge of rain. I will gladly take all the tomatoes that you can't get rid of when you harvest... and I feel it will be a bumper crop for you.

  3. I'm trying. I really am. But this is scary.

  4. Oh Little Bee.........I don't even know you and I love your honesty. You are already wise to not pretend that this is hard stuff. Leaps of faith are about taking big steps and sometimes it feels like you're going right over the cliff. I will happily be your parachute and one day you will fly. xoxo

  5. That's it. I feel like if I fully admit this then I am going to fall off a cliff with no one there to catch me. But not only will I fall off a cliff but I will fall I to a ocean of hurt and drown.

  6. Well then, maybe it's time to be still for awhile and listen. The universe will tell you when it's time to take big steps. Don't imagine what might happen. Don't make up scenarios in your head. Don't assume the worst. Just listen, Little Bee. You are going to be okay. You were wonderfully made.

  7. I have a hard time just being. But I am trying. I really am trying.

  8. Brave Bee, if you are trying then you are far ahead of many people.

  9. There is a part of me that wants to try to find your email or find you on Facebook instead of hijacking your comments. I'm sorry I've said so much. I'm sorry.