Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We're All Here

It might be a little early to trash talk 2016, but so far it has been out to give us a run for the money.  And by "run for the money" I mean we need to RUN for some money.

To date....

*We have had a repairman out three times for the furnace

*Had fraudulent charges on our credit card

*Broke a crown eating a granola bar

*Temporary on said crown fell off after a week.  Returned to dentist to get sealed on again.  Resealed temporary lasted two days

*Downstairs toilet tank decided to stopped filling with water

*Husband gets put on committee at work to discuss pay cuts for entire department

*Looming tax bill

It's been a little hard to keep a perky attitude when every time we turn around there are fistfuls of money flying out the door.

When talking complaining to the very pregnant Maggie carrying the newest addition to the family, she said, "Mom, we're all here and we're all fine, right?  Isn't that what you always say?  That as long as that's true everything else will be okay."

From the mouths of babies carrying babies comes a precious little pearl.

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